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You can see Josés big bone that he used inside for "parading purposes only." He picked it up and paraded around the house, pacing and circling many laps inside, looking for just the right place to bury it (in a 990 sq ft house, we wondered what took so long!) Then he would dig the "hole" on the rug. Then lie down. Repeat nightly.

He had an outside bone too, a rolled up rawhide retreiver roll, about a foot long. He walked the perimeter, then buried it in the mulch. No holes were dug normally ~ he would push the mulch or leaves over the bone to bury it. Then bark at it!

He sadly passed away last month but we still smile thinking of our OCD dog! If anyone tried to interrupt his bone parade, we would tell them "Leave him alone! If you get him messed up, he will have to start counting all over again!" :p
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