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Sweet Emma

Emma , sweet Emma, I live through you
as you visit such places so grand...
you see the world from a rather low view,
but we who love you, understand

I wait to hear of your adventures new
Emma, you could never bore us...
I envy your life by the fiords of Norway
where you live with your sister Doris

please know that you are one of a kind
you bring a smile upon my face
just seeing your picture helps me unwind
and puts my mind in a happier space

I adore your expressions, so sad and sweet
as I love them in all Basset Hounds
alas distance means we will never meet
but Emma, my love for you has no bounds



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Sandy, you're welcome to use any photo you want -
I'm just honored to contribute to your wonderful poems!
Be my guest! :D

This is a link to the original picture:

Both Emma and I are very flattered by the poem.

The photo was taken 10th July 2003, 5:45 PM - on the other
side of the road as my house. At the time Emma was 2 years old,
and Soffi had been with me for 12 months, still doing good. Of the
8-10 pics, the one you chosed was one of the favorites, as well as this of Soffi:

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