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Hoorah! And another training ?

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Frodo did a "down"!! I've been trying the "capture it" technique that Mikey T had suggested... and then at practice times using the under the leg technique... and calmly repeating down as we go along... and he did it!! I started using bits of hotdog and get him into a sit... then hold a bit of hotdog just in front of my knee... when he lowered his head down I rewarded said "down" and gave the treat... then next bite I pulled back about an inch further under my leg... and so forth till he finally went all the way down! I have to start over at the sit each time... but we are getting to the down position quicker now! This afternoon it took about 20 minutes and 3 hotdogs...this evenings session only about 5 minutes and 1 hotdog!

Now another question... I praise a lot- good boy...good down...but wonder if that confuses them or is it the voice tone that matters? He likes the praise as well as the treat so I combine and give extra love- will this help or hinder?

Also... what do we use in place of "Get down!" shouted loudly when he climbs on top of the table, counters, etc... We have always said "get down!" in a loud firm voice...but are afraid we'll confuse the issue now that we want "down" to mean something else! Am I making any sense?

Tomorrow we learn "stay".... this could be hilarious!
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It cracks me up to hear about dogs getting on the table or counters! I really don't think either of mine could do it. But yay for the down!!! Once he got it that first time I'll bet the following ones were even easier for him to do.

I use praise and treats as well. I think it's more the tone of voice than what is actually said. I'm sure you could say "Oh what a dumb mutt you are! You stink so much!" and they wouldn't care if it was in the "happy" voice. Dogs are funny like that.

As for the 'down' and 'get down' I wouldn't think he'd get them confused because the hand signals with them are probably different. However, if you're really worried about it you could change 'get down' to 'off'. I've found that keeping the words as simple and short as possible works best.

Stay was the hardest thing I've taught my dogs to do. And I've taught Doppler how to wave and roll over. But Doppler is fairly reliable on stay. Virga isn't really. Although they will wait forever for dinner which is kind of surprising. But just remember, they're stubborn dogs. You just have to be more stubborn! Good luck!
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