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Home from Kennels

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Well Snoppy survived her first ever visit to the Kennels. She was there for 16 days in total. I rang every few today’s to check that she was ok.

She was loved by all there and she has come back a different dog.

She is different in a kind of better way for us. She is much calmer (not as jumpy/bouncy when we are trying to settle down for the night) and she obeys every command I ask of her especially the 'leave it' command which she had difficulties understanding before!

She ate all her food plus more that we took for her and she put on 1KG which I wasn’t expecting! I heard dog’s usually loose weight when they go into a kennel and considering she is a fussy eater I was expecting her to loose a lb or two.

She doesn’t whine anymore when we leave her in the kitchen and we go upstairs. But she is still jealous if my boyfriend and I have a little kiss or cuddle in front of her. She jumps up and him and tells him to get off me which we find hilarious!

I asked the lady at the kennels if she had been a good girl and if she had been naughty (i.e. pulling lead on her walks or humping someone’s leg!) and she replied:

"Well, the other day we were fixing her door in her kennel and they placed a pencil down on the floor and a watering can with some oil in it and she managed to get the watering can and started walking off with it in her mouth". They think she is very mischvious - I know she is very mischvious!!

They thought she was lovely and soppy and loved her cuddles just like she does at home.

They were also pleasantly surprised that she doesn’t drewl at all and doesn’t smell or sweat much either which is uncommon for a basset I think. Oh and they were shocked that she didn’t really bark in there either, only on the first night we left her in there.

Over all it seems like she had quite an enjoyable experience in there. she's been home for a week now and still seems a little quiet but think she's a bit afraid that we might leave her again? She turned one on 02 September so we think she might have just matured a little over the weeks we left her?
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That sounds like a wonderful place! Certainly not like the kennels around here. My dogs are MISERABLE at the kennels in my area. I wish I could find a place that lavished attention on them the way yours did. Lucky dog!
Ruby really hates being at the kennel but some time it can't be helped. Which is why we're doing a road trip this weekend with our backseat driver...........
Sounds like a great place. I'm lucky that someone is here to stay with the dogs when I travel as I have heard some awful stories about some. Brilliant that they have improved her behaviour so much in 16days :) Although I think my Toby would have to do a "six month stretch" to see that ammount of change. :(
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