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home alone?

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I am having a hard time deciding what is best for Charlotte when she has to be left alone. When we first got her my husband was home all day while I worked so she was never left alone for more than a couple of hours while we ran errands. Now that she is a little older, she's almost 10months, we have left her alone (crated) for up to about 5 hours.
Our work situations have changed quite a bit since moving to the DC area. My husband is at work from about 730am til 7pm and I have been working 6 hour shifts 4 times a week. I didn't want to leave her in a crate from 6+ hours so she has been going to half days of doggie day care which costs us $22 a day. Well money is super tight for us so I am going to have to start putting in more time at work but I can't afford more daycare for her. Im at my wits end trying to figure out what to do with Charlotte.
What do you all do with your animals when you are out of the house all day? My coworkers think I am crazy spending that kind of money on my dog but I can't stand the thought of her being in a cage for that many hours of the day, it seems so cruel to me.
Do you think she will be ok being crated for 6-7 hours while I am away if we hire a mid-day dog walker? She doesn't have any issues going into her crate, she is super good about that. She also doesn't seem to have any seperation anxiety. She has never been distructive or anything while we were away. I just keep thinking every extra hour I put in is another hour she has to put in too. Maybe I am the one with seperation anxiety haha. :rolleyes:
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Aww poor Charlotte! :( :( It's good that you're talking and realise it's not right!!!

In my opinion it is wrong to cage a pet dog for such a long time... in fact I would never cage a Basset of mine at all and have always allowed all of our dogs free run of the house (just downstairs as stairs are not a good idea for Bassets) and they are left in the kitchen if we're out for the evening or when I work three hours, twice a week and I always leave the radio on for them when we're out! My elderly neighbour has a key to my house and she sometimes lets them out or goes and sits with them as they're company for her and she knows she can do that at her own free will.

It must be so boring for poor Charlotte to be left alone all day as dogs need stimulation... and through boredom, could get destructive, and who could blame them? Could you get an older Basset to keep Chalotte company?

Have you got a neighbour who could help look after Charlotte when you're away for so long? Can you imagine being left in a cage for several hours yourself? Surely you'd want to get up and walk around to stretch your legs or go and investigate a noise outside etc.

Or could you take Charlotte to work with you? Is she the sort of hound who would sit under your desk for a few hours and would have company. Maybe she could stay in the car and you let her out every now and again at work.

I'll go and read the other replies now as I haven't looked at them!
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LottesMama, you sound a really caring Basset owner who is really trying to find out the best way to care for Lotte and it will be well worth it for the happy years together you will be sure to have!
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