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Holiday Card Exchange: FINAL CALL!

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This is the last chance to enter the Holiday Card Exchange.

In 5 days, it will be impossible to be added to the list as the list will be closed and final lists will be send out on November 20th.

So if you want to participate, now is the time to send your address details to [email protected]


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C'mon Biscuit, what do you say? Join us this year? So we can see a holiday picture of Yogi and his new friend? Please? :)
PLEASE This is my first year I hope there is lots
I did the Christmas card exchange last year and really enjoyed it. I can't wait for this year. If you've never participated you really should give it a try. It was so much fun getting the cards in the mail every day. I hung the cards in my dinning room; before I took the cards down I took a video clip of all the cards. I attached a link to the video for those of you who would like to see. It's not very clear but you get the idea. I've already got this years card all set to order, just waiting to see how many I will need.
Great idea for the video! I saw Ruby's big head picture. tee hee

Her card is a whole lot different this year. I've had to cut back on costs due to death in family and our expenses. But you'll still get to see her cute little face!

Janice and little Ruby
I have saved all the cards from all the years I have participated. I can't bring myself to throw them out. I just can't wait for them to start arriving this year.

here is a link to some of the cards from 2005

you can never get enough pictures of all these wonderful bassets.
Hi Christie J,
I had forgotten that you had saved all of them and put them on a link for all to see. It was so great to look at all those cards from 2005 and all those wonderful Basset faces again. Some of those faces have gone on to the bridge, and what a nice way to be able to see and remember them again. Thanks for putting the link back up.

I ,too, can't wait to get the list and start receiving the cards. We also have three years of Basset cards, and each Christmas we get them out to look at them again. Not only do the cards give joy to us, I know forum members have shared them with schools, nursing homes, and patients in hospitals as well.

So join up everyone, you will love heading to your mailbox and seeing who's long ears are hiding in the mail.
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