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Holiday Card Exchange 2008 is HERE

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YES! It's 'THAT' time of year already!

To continue a yearly tradition, the 'Basset Hound Holiday Card Exchange 2008' is taking off.

- What is the Basset Hound Holiday Card Exchange (BHHCE)?

The BHHCE is a yearly tradition of Cyberhound. Participating members of the BHHCE send Holiday Cards to eachother. Most of us create custom made cards with pictures of our 'Slobber Slingers', but any card will do.

- When?

The name says it all... Holiday Card. Cards should be sent in December, just in time for the Holiday season.
You can sign up till November 15th. Final lists will be sent out round November 20th.
If you enrolled but changed address, or want to withdraw, please notify me before November 15th. Any modification after this date will be impossible.

- Who

Anyone can participate, but keep in mind that participating costs a bit of money. Last year we had about 40 participants. This means 40 cards, 40 envelopes, and 40 stamps, some of them international mail (participants from the UK, Belgium, Norway, Sweden,...).

- How

To enroll, please send the folowing data to [email protected]

* Your Basset's name(s)
* Your complete address exactly as it should figure on the envelope (this is important, as in different countries there are different ways of writing addresses, we don't want any cards to get lost in the mail or arrive late)
* ONLY use [email protected] for any communication about the BHHCE. DO NOT POST your personal data on the forum.

Prefarably, use the folowing format:

- Cyberhound user name:
- Basset (or other dog's) name:
- Address (complete, exactly as it should be on the envelope):
- Any special remarks or requests

You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your data soon after you sent it. If you don't receive a confirmation within 24hours, please PM me (and ONLY PM me) on the forum.

Please, DO NOT send multiple messages by e-mail, as this will make it impossible for me to follow up the stream of messages and wil cause errors.

Last year we had a lot of people not receiving either the confirmation or the list as it ended up in their 'Yahoo Spam Folder', so please check this folder on a regular basis. It could very well be that the reply or the complete list is in there.

And as an example, here is how a 'Basset Hound Holiday Card Exchange Wall' looks after a few weeks:

Have fun taking those pics for the cards:)


PS: please DO NOT forget to specify the country !!!
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My Gang want to join! It is so much fun receiving the cards!!!
I have PM`ed you Patrick
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