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Mattie just wants to say Hi!! It has been a while since Mattie has posted, but she has been doing good.. Just trying to keep cool since it has been so hot here in Virginia. Mattie is not a hot natural dog!!

She hopes everybody is doing good.
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Hi! :) Charlie sends cooler weather her way! I am in Wisconsin.. it's hot but I doubt as hot as Virginia. I read somewhere that a good "cool down" treat is to put peanut butter at the end of the kong to clog it up and then put water in it and freeze it. I am going to try it soon!
Yep here in WI as well... we'll send some our 70 degree days your way. Actually it's rather lovely here right now... not too hot, not too cold and not real sticky. Just perfect.
Yes! I agree! And the nights have been getting into the 40s and 50s! Crazyyy! WI with out humidity is rare, but amazing when it does happen!
Kisses and drool from Flash, who is anticipating a typical scorching 4th of July in central Illinois.

Thanks CharlieSue for the cool down treat.. I will have to try it for Mattie. Here in VA we are hitting temps around 100.. with heat indexs around 105.. Mattie has been soaking up the AC and only going out when he bladder won't hold anything any longer. LOL!!
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