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I never cease to be amazed at the casual cruelty dealt to animals by seemingly normal people- enough said . Chester is a lucky boy. I've always thought that rescued dogs know you've saved them, and never forget it.

As far as weight, I'd get your vet's opinion. Bassets vary so much in structure that it's really impossible to comment without seeing him, although 28 pounds for a 10 month old seems light- his bones should not be protruding, and while he should have a visible waist, he should be nicely padded. Look at pictures of the bassets on this forum to get a general feel as to how he should look as far as weight.

As far as the loose stools: has your vet checked him out thoroughly to make sure all the parasites are gone? If that's not an issue, change in diet sometimes results in digestive problems - it's always a good idea to change food gradually, adding the new to the old in increasing amounts until the change is complete. At this point, that advice may be hindsight.

Hopefully he's just adjusting , but if the stools continue to be soft, or if you are seeing blood or mucus in the stools, I would consult with your vet.

The archives on this forum are a great resource- if you go to "search" in the upper right corner and type in the information you are researching, old threads will come up where that topic was discussed.

There are alot of experienced basset owners at Cyberhound and lots to learn here- good luck and bless you for rescuing 'the puppy in the closet'!
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