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Just an update -

As many of you may know after reading the story on our website,, OMBR did indeed rescue all of those poor hounds. Phil Guinn, OMBR's founder, my son Matt, and I all went to this mill and rounded them all up. The ones that survived are doing fine, enjoying soft beds, good food, a clean play yard and all the people who come in to pay attention to them. Several of them are even giving up their bellies now for a bellly rub.

For the most part, they were relatively healthy except they all had terrible teeth and a gut full of every worm known to man. They've been treated for the worms and are doing great. Dr. Herring thinks some good stuff to chew on will help their teeth, and those that don't improve on their own, will be having dentals.

What is even more surprisingly, several of them already have homes waiting for them once we have them fully healthy and altered.

Thanks so much for all the concern you've expressed. We've been blessed by help from all across the country and the dogs are all going to be just fine.
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