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Hi from Janice

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Some of you old timers know me from being little Ruby's mommy....would you believe it's been almost a yr since she's been gone?

We might be getting another dog...maybe not a basset tho...

I'm wondering, ...IF we do get a dog that's not a basset....can I still come here and post pics or is that a gigantic no-no?

P.S. hope all is well with all of my friends
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I won't take it personally but you could be right.
How could you not get a basset?? They are just SOOOOOOOO cute!
It's hard to believe Miss Ruby is gone, let alone for a year now. You should definitely continue to visit, even if you continue to be basset-challenged.
I just don't think I can pick up a 50+ pound basset any more which is why we're thinking of a smaller dog.....

Ruby has been gone 10 months and we miss her so much....altho it has been nice to sleep later than 4:30 a.m.

Great to hear from you!!! You have my vote to keep posting here. Good luck in finding your new fur kid. Who ever wins your heart will be one lucky dog!!!
I had someone ask me the other day if Bassets come in standard, giant, and miniature........had to laugh at that, and I have often thought what I am going to do as I age and still want bassets, you are right lugging around 50 lbs is no small feat. I have seen a few posted on various rescues that claim to be 30-40 lb, if they were really lean, petite and maybe a Bagle?
Janice welcome back -- I remember reading your posts and you have my vote too!!!! We need to hear from people with years of experience like you and Bubbad and Dr, Mikey and Soundtrack -- ya keep us all sane!
Maybe you can get a basset -- just teach the little fellow to use stairs and ramps from a very early age. We use the "hoist the hinney" method here. Front paws up and hoist up the back end. For some reason Paisley does not try to jump on anything and never has -- this means no getting on furniture, beds etc. She does sleep with us and so we have to hoist the hinney --- she just runs to the bed (well actually ambles) and waits... we have found her sleeping with butt on the ground and head on the bed when we have been too slow... gotta get a picture of that some day.
Welcome back, Janice! Time gets away from us. Seems like just yesterday you lost Ruby (well, we all really lost her). I am thrilled to see you back and really hope you stick around...Basset or no Basset
I think there's a way to keep the new kid in the family!! I know, everytime you post you can compare the new furbaby's antics to those of bassets! Thus we get to keep in touch & keep it basset related to appease the forum gods. So excited for you & I understand wanting a smaller dog. I have a 43 lber & can't imagine 7 lbs making much difference. Plus it's the length that's tricky too. It's awkward to pack them & pb always makes uncomfortable grunting noises when I do. Send pictures the minute you bring em home!
Hi Janice!
I'm back too, from an absence after Spencer went to the Bridge in August, 2010. I'm back with another Basset, "Clifford." I'm with Princess Buttercup - you can surely relate all posts to Bassets in one way or another. ;)
can I still come here and post pics or is that a gigantic no-no?
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Hi From Janice

Ruby's mom-- I am an "old" poster, who has been trolling occasionally. We had to put Jake (12) down in March last year, and Maizy Mae (13) followed in June. Heartbreaking. Still had our l7 yr. old kitty, who was finally queen in her own right, but it was too quiet here. We, too, tried to think of other, smaller breeds (both in our 60's, and when Jake left I was using a back sling to move him around--65lbs. of him). When my husband mentioned Greyhounds, I put started looking for a rescue basset. We found one in January, Isabella, maybe a yr., puny 30 lbs. (looks like the one in the Tommy Hilfilger ad). She is our baby. Has more energy than any basset we have had, already has gained 15 lbs., and walk races around the block, keeping us trim. Yes, she is hefty for me to lift, but I just watch that. Go for it. We realized we never would have been happy otherwise. Pics to follow.
Congrats Maymoo2 on your new addition and welcome back :) Can't wait to see pics!

Ruby's mom...I'm all for posting along with us when you get your new addition. :)
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