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Harold got the runs about 6 hours into our move from Virginia to Colorado. He pooped in every state from West Virginia to Kansas (often multiple times). Hello America! We got to our pet friendly motel in southern Indiana about one a.m. (to find out that someone else, supposedly with the same name - not at all likely - had been admitted to one of our rooms, on our credit card no less, but that's another story) and I had to walk him three or four times between getting settled in by two a.m. and "waking up" at six a.m. Ultimately that morning before we departed he passed something that looked like a pine cone and things quieted down that day. But he never crapped in the car or the room. He was a real solid dog in that regard. It's just Murphy's law.

BTW that's a nice looking dog. If I can't have another lemon/white I hope to get one with all the ticking.
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