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Hi, everyone! I'm finally caught up and back to normal life again. We left South Dakota on Dec. 19th and drove to Helena, Montana to spend Christmas with our son and family and returned home on the 30th. We had an awesome time time spoiling our 16 month old grandson over Christmas, and Bogie is so great and patient with him. Home for two days and then we flew to Memphis to visit with family there and check on my 93 year old parents getting back on Jan. 8th.

Bogie did give us quiet the scare on the Dec.23rd, Sunday, spinning and stretching out as he did when he swallowed the rocks. Dug out yellow pages and found a vet with an emergency number in Helena. They were kind enough to meet us and took xrays which showed no objects, but Bogie clearly unhappy. Vet said it could be plastic or cloth, which wouldn't show up on xray, and we're thinking toddler toy, so they gave him barium. We made two more trips in for more xrays four hours apart, to see if the barium was moving. Barium was going through his system and and no blockage. Nothing else showed up on the xrays, and Bogie was feeling better, acting normal again. So Vet said to watch poop and enjoy Christmas.

Then on Christmas day Bogie started severe diarrhea, slightly bloody at times, and back to vet. Fun when staying in a motel!!! Vet decided to hold food for 24 hours, started him on antibiotic, and put him on rice diet for two days thinking "bad bug" he might have picked up on our travels. Bogie bounced back in no time, and then unfortunately my husband came down with severe diarrhea the day after Christmas.

Fixed hubby up with Immodium and when we got home our friend and doctor told us he bet they both had Campylobaceriosis. Bogie probably picking it up at a rest stops sniffing around, and then hubby getting it from him. Humans can get this from animals, and being a good dog parent he was picking up Bogie's poop in poop bags. Our doctor friend said you really have to scrub and disinfect your hands if poop is contaminated with this to avoid contimanitation. Hubby had been using handi wipes which didn't do the disinfecting.

Anyway all is well now, thankfully no rocks, and we did have a great time in spite of the "bad bug".
I hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Bogie was so good with our grandson. He crawled all over him and laid on him.

Hey, Bogie!! I've got your tail.
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