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Hi everyone,
I haven't been posting much lately, we have been busy training and therapy work.
Lily received her "official" TDI card in the mail recently. She has joined our Golden/Chow, Molly at the nursing home every other week.
The folks there just love them. Lily is getting the hang of it, although this past week became particularly interested in a tennis ball attached to the bottom of a walker. That could have been a close call there!
Many of the folks we see have some level of alzheimers or other things that cause them not to be in touch with the current day. But there is one lady who has all her wits about her and she just loves to see Lily and Molly. She calls them her dogs and we always spend extra time with her.
Lily has also been training for obedience competition and we have a session ending next week. She is doing well, but we are going to take a little break for a month over the summer and just work at home.
She will be moving up the class that is the last one before she hits the ring. I am hoping next spring she will start in the ring in Novice and knock their socks off!
Here is a recent photo of Lily enjoying the front yard while I do a little weeding.
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