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Hey Everyone!!

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I hope everyone's precious pups are doing great!!!
Had a very busy weekend, my cousin got married and
my little brother had a baby girl, Amelia Grace.
I am a very proud aunt !!!!:D
We have quite a heat wave here...poor hazel is moving realllllll slow!!
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woo! sounds like a hectic weekend for you! congrats on your neice! and me and tobes and hank can sympathize with the heat since we're texans! y'all have a great week and keep cool!
Congrats on your new baby niece!!! Are you a new aunt or do you have other nieces/nephews?
Congrats on becoming a Aunt!! I have one neice and two nephew and getting two more newphew's by the end of summer. Got love them, best part is.. I can send them home when they are being mean.
The heat is on here in Va for the next couple of days, poor Mattie will be spending most of her time inside since she can't take the heat, she is a AC baby!!
Hit 91 degrees in attica ny today!!
Great day for me to pick to put in the garden huh?!?!?!
And, thank you everyone.
I am a NEW aunt. SO exciting, cried like a baby...might have to even post a picture
of the peanut on
I have 3 siblings, and this is very exciting for us. She is beautiful.
I still have no children , except the crazy hazel!!! (who is laying in front of a fan on her back)
Oh id love to see a picture of the new addition! The only nephew I have is a golden retriever haha. I think if I were in your position I wouldn't be able to stop buying her cute little outfits. Especially the teeny little shoes. I'm sure when she gets a little older shell love coming to see her cousin hazel!

the most beautiful Amelia Grace :)
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and i bought her 7 outfits brother is going to kill me :)
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