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Being that we have had miniature dachshunds ever since I was a child in the 50s and am now almost 68, and currently have 18 miniature doxies that are notorious for herniated (IVDD) disks, the Veterinary community has been having good results with cold laser therapy and also acupuncture, all in conjunction with steroids and strict crate rest. We often go to the School of Veterinary Medicine in Auburn University, in Auburn, Alabama and while talking to the one Professor of Vet Medicine and Orthopedics, he said that there is not as much disk surgery being performed as there used to be. Unlike surgery, water therapy, steroids, acupuncture, cold laser and crate rest may take longer but they are all non invasive proceedures and that is always better even if it does take a bit longer. With all that said have you tried water therapy, or acupuncture or cold laser treatment? They can and do help in a lot of cases.
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