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here's were i'm getting my new pup from!!!

3450 Views 6 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  Louise how could you not want to get one from these top notch breeders! :huh: in case you are wondering that is sarcasm. if you hurry you can see what i wrote in their guestbook b/4 they delete it. maybe we can all go and say something "nice" about what they are doing.
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"Hush Bassets" and "Minute Hounds"- words fail me.
did you go to their website and sign their guest book? all comments are welcome. :p
It makes me sick. Unfortunately there are plenty of people who will continue to keep these people in business.

well we must have struck a nerve because all comments welcome did not mean anything negitive.all were deleted oh well have to try it again!
Mine is re-done...these people have struck a nerve in me...arg! :angry:

Ha! I just added my comment which should not stay long if I go by what's been put there. Grrrrrrr people!!!! :angry:
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