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Some of you know that we lost our beloved Daisy Mae two weeks ago. Sally was missing her, moping around and checking her bed often. We hadn't planned on adopting another hound for awhile but realized that Sally needed a buddy, and the house seemed so strange with only one hound anyway. We drove up to Daphneyland, a rescue ranch for bassets located in Acton, CA, and found Rocky there. He is 5 years old, and had been at the ranch for 3 months. Sally came along to approve our choice, and seemed to find Rocky he came home with us. We are still getting used to each other, but he seems to be a sweet boy who loves everyone including our kitties. He is a little anxious and likes to know where we are at all times, but has started to relax. I'm sure he'll do just fine. We still miss Daisy every day, but Rocky has filled in a little of the hole she left when she went to the Bridge. He is a VERY long boy and we need to get a little weight off him, but otherwise got a clean bill of health. He appears to be house broken - only one puddle inside so far. I think he's a keeper :)

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