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Here's my Snoopy Bear

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Here's a younger pic but it's my favorite :D

Here's Snoopy discovering we have a new rug

Making sure the new rug has his hair all over it
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what a cutie!

thanks for sharing him with us.

Snoopy is adorable. Love the spot on top of his head. Yep! Those bassets have to share their hair. Bogie loves to roll around on our rugs, too, being sure the vaccum has something to suck up.

Arooooos from Bogie!!
Thanks for posting that. After a terrible day, the picture of Snoopy rolling on the rug made me laugh.
I love the picture of him rolling around. Molly does that all the time!
Snoopy, welcome to Cyberhound. Francis and I have been members since 2000 and this site has been a Godsend. Where in Boston do you live? There really aren't a lot of bassets around here so it's nice to see another owner in the Forum from this area.
You'll gain a lot ffrom the collected wisdom of the group, I promise.
Once again, welcome!
aww what a cutie! And allow me to add my "welcome"! :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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