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Heres a lil about how I spent my day

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So me and all the furry legged people of the house got up and around and had to eat breakfast. Of course I make the cats share with me.

Then we got all our new christmas present that mom and dad ordered for us. This is one of my little two leggers Katy-Beth. Daddy says she looks ghetto right now but she will grow into her clothes. I dont know what ghetto is but mommy was lauging..

Well then of course daddy had to get his snuggle time in before he went to work. I just love sleepin on the spongebob couch..Of course I dont understand how he gets from the couch into the tv. Especially when Im laying on top of him. Hes a sneaky little sponge fellow.

Well this is my second nap of the day. Dad had to leave me that darn night shift job. But still that couch is unbeatable.

This is me terrorizing Hercules. I dont understand why he gets so mad to quote the other two legger Madilynn "He started it"...

This is Pickles hiding from me in a basket. Shes thinks that I can see her sleeping there but Im just waiting for mom to stop watching me so I can ambush her.

And Hercules....Hes lucky Im so short because I cant get him at that table. Sneaky booger!!!

Well guys Im heading in for another nap...Us bassets need our rest...Have a good night ya'll

**Bruno Beazley**
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Great pics. Looks like you have really bonded with your daddy. Love the snoozing together picture. Bruno, you shouldn't really terrorize the cats, they are great to snuggle with and you might make mommy mad. Be a good little Basset, Santa's watching, you know.
Awww, great pics!
I love puppy bellies!

And what is it with cats and baskets? :lol:
Looks like a good day was had by all!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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