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Clearly, Henry's favorite room is the kitchen. He regularly goes on kitchen patrol. First he sniffs all the cabinet doors down at his level. No food in any of them, but that doesn't deter him. He stops and lingers though at the door to the trash under the sink, but hasn't yet figured out how to break in. Lots of fascinating sniffs there.

Next he raises up to peer over the counters, usually all clear or food pushed back. I missed a cup of unfinished coffee within reach the other day, and it got splashed on the floor and quickly licked up when I wasn't looking.

Next, he casts wistful looks at his empty bowl in the utility room off the kitchen, as if something might magically appear in it. He gets fed twice a day (all gulped in about 3 minutes), and no table scraps! Nothing goes in that bowl otherwise. But, to give credit, for him, hope springs eternal.

I have a rug in front of the sink. After all patrolling, he settle on the rug. Never will he lie down anywhere else in the kitchen. I repeatedly have to kick him off to get at the sink.

Hey, I love him!

Does this sound at all like your hound?

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This does sound alot like Copper the only difference is I am not able to resist the wistful looks and he gets a little sneaky snack every so often. He also sleeps on the rug near the sink so I have to step over him to wash dishes. I did move the rug once but he still laid in the same spot so I put it back, if he is going to lay there he may as well be comfortable.
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