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hellow this is spencer my 3 mouth old basset as been treated last week for gastro enteritos he had blood in his feeces from the onset when we picked him up. we rang the breeder he didnt want to no .i went to the vets he was given his firt injection also antibiotics and put on a diet off bland food he was fine after a week 2 weeks later he went back for his last injectoin and was given a clean bill off health .3 days later there was just bloody mucus allover the kitchen floor and he deterated so fast when we got him to the vet he was dehidrated and put on a drip he was never sick the vet said it was gastoenteritus he was able to come home the next day he has now finished his second course off antibiotics he back on the hills science diet he was fine the feces sample the vet said is clear nothing had grown on it.yesterday he seemed lifeless and his stomach was rumberling very loud he wouldnt eat or drink then he picked up at tea time he is fine today i wonder if he has got the above mentioned topic the vet keeps saying make sure he is insured can anyone advise me the last bill was very expensive.could it have been just gastroentritus like the vet said.or could it be the above topic he is full of energy today and eaten loads iwould apreciate all your opions thanks spencers mum
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