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Tally had a hematoma on her ear once a few years ago. We didn't know what it was till we took her to the vet. She had, and still has, a habit of shaking her head violently, flinging her ears about as she does. :blink: I don't know why she does this. Sometimes she does it near hard things like furniture and walls. We think one of her ears hit a chair leg or something, resulting in the hematoma. It was a fluid-filled sac, about an inch across. Over time it just got smaller and smaller until it disappeared altogether. She hasn't had one since. Isn't a heamatoma caused by the breaking of a blood vessel and resulting in a blood-filled bubble just under the skin? I'm assuming that this means there is more bleeding than you would have for a bruise.

I had a hematoma form on my hand once. It was strange. I didn't bump it against anything - in fact I was just a passenger in our car that day, and doing nothing at all. It just appeared suddenly. I felt a strange throbbing sensation and looked down and there it was... a large oval-shaped bubble about two inches across. :eek: That particular spot on my hand is the location of occasional mild pain and even more occasional slight swelling - perhaps the blood vessel there is thin? I don't know... but perhaps something similar could have happened to Jack?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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