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My poor Basset Jack had surgery today. He had a non-cancerous mass that grew right near his throat. Jack had the exact thing happen this time last year in the same place. Last year it was a mass filled with fluid caused by an infection that could have stemmed from a piece of grass getting lodged back in the gums. The vet wasn't sure. This time the mass was filled with blood. The vet drained it today and reported that Jack is out of danger and resting comfortably. I can pick the poor guy up Thursday. My vet is still researching what happened and may recommend a specialist. Anyone have any ideas? Jack was in the kennel at the vet's about ten days ago. I'm wondering if he broke a blood vessel from barking incessantly. Thanks for any input. Jim
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Was the mass in his mouth near his esophagus, or on his neck? The only hematoma's I've ever seen have been on horses and have resulted from being kicked or some other powerful blow. They're obviously on the outside of the obdy. If Jack's isn't on the outside of the body, I don't have a clue what would cause it, but I sure would want to know! Please let us know what you find out, and I hope Jack is feeling better soon.
I can't offer any information but I'm hoping that Jack has a swift and speedy recovery. Good luck!
Tally had a hematoma on her ear once a few years ago. We didn't know what it was till we took her to the vet. She had, and still has, a habit of shaking her head violently, flinging her ears about as she does. :blink: I don't know why she does this. Sometimes she does it near hard things like furniture and walls. We think one of her ears hit a chair leg or something, resulting in the hematoma. It was a fluid-filled sac, about an inch across. Over time it just got smaller and smaller until it disappeared altogether. She hasn't had one since. Isn't a heamatoma caused by the breaking of a blood vessel and resulting in a blood-filled bubble just under the skin? I'm assuming that this means there is more bleeding than you would have for a bruise.

I had a hematoma form on my hand once. It was strange. I didn't bump it against anything - in fact I was just a passenger in our car that day, and doing nothing at all. It just appeared suddenly. I felt a strange throbbing sensation and looked down and there it was... a large oval-shaped bubble about two inches across. :eek: That particular spot on my hand is the location of occasional mild pain and even more occasional slight swelling - perhaps the blood vessel there is thin? I don't know... but perhaps something similar could have happened to Jack?
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Thank you for the responses. Jack is home now and back to his usual self although he's famished and has been eating like a horse. The mass filled with blood is still a mystery, but it's in the exact same spot where he had the salivary gland viral infection last year which caused a mass full of fluid. The hematoma was not caused by a virus, but the vet thinks the two or connected because both masses were in the exact same spot. Jack's on penicillian for the next two weeks. The vet said to keep a close eyes on the spot where the mass was for the next few weeks. (which is somewhat of a challenge because he always has those long low hanging jowels) Hopefully this won't happen again! Jim
Glad to hear Jack is feeling better. Hope he continues to do well.
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