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Help with rescue older basset

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I have just adopted a SPCA rescued basset. She is 5 years old, housebroken and generally a great companion. I am looking for a book or books that address training older bassets. She is very gental but needs to learn basic commands. Please advise me.
Thanks from Miss Daisy
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Congratulations on your new companion. We adopted Jed when he was 3 1/2 and took him straight to basic 'family dog obedience'. All other participants were puppies, so Jed was the oldest, the loudest, the longest ... and the cutest. Because he is our first dog the classes were hugely beneficial to us, as they helped us to give commands effectively. (i.e. I was constantly reminded to only say things just once). Even though he already seemed to have some basic training we were all starting off with a clean slate. He especially enjoyed the obstacle courses, and 'musical mats' - a doggy version of musical chairs. I wish I could say that he graduated with honours, but such is not the case. Our dear hound is a work in progress. Nevertheless - his graduation certificate is displayed proudly on the fridge door.

Good luck with Miss Daisy
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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