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Help Please

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Jessie is Sick. She is vomiting what looks and smells like bile....She has puked 2x already this morning. at 1:30 and 3:30 and its everywhere. She has had all her vaccinations and we have been keeping a close eye on her to make sure she hasn't gotten into anything.

***Please if anyone knows what it may be please let me know.***

I will be calling the Vet this morning when they open but if anyone is on this early I would appreciate some input. Thanks
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when was the last time she ate? It is not unusual for them to react to an empty stomach by vomitting yelow/green foamy bile only. A search on this site will show many that feed a couple of cookies or meals later at noght to avoid this, However the 1.30 and 3.OO am time would be early for this occuring unless the dog last meal was 8-12 hours before this time.

also adding that when this occurs there is nothing but bile in the vomit no food etc. secondly it is general small amount in any one spot and the dog general does not have any other symptoms of being sick because it well isn't If this is not the case you can rull out empty stomach syndrome as a cause.

Also keep in mind dogs have a more sensitive gag reflex, they will throwup much more easily when something bothers there guts than humans, this often goes along way in protecting them from when the get into something the should not.
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Dog change from there wolves ansetors coincides with their self domestication in responce to a plentiful food supply. The garbage of human encampments. Their digestive system as develop to protect them from many of the dangers of eating garbage, On of which is a more senative reaction and therefor more of a tendency to vomit. Every time a dog vomit does not mean it is sick often times it is a dogs body preventive measure. You need to rely on other signal like lethergy, pain, arched/roached back posture is often a reaction to abdominal pain etc.

This is the same with the empty stomach syndrome any of mine that have the problem will vomit but not show any other symptoms of distress as they would if they were sick. I use this a signal whether to involve the vet or not.

When it comes to multiple feeding not all dogs get empty stomach syndrome for 1 meal a day feeding it occurs on an individual basis but there are other reasons to consider multiple feeding.

Granted you have a puppy and boat is almost unheard of in puppies feeding multiple meals can reduce the risk of bloat. Technically the number of meals feed is not linked to bloat risk but from a practical matter it is. larger meal size is a significant risk factor. So feed less which can be accomplished easily by feed the same total amount spread over multiple meals significantly impacts bloat risk.

You have a puppy feeding multiple meals can make housetraining easier. Must puppies need to deficate more than once. By matching the number of times a puppy deficates to the number of times you feed the dog you can put defication on a schedule. he act of eating and increase the amount of food in the stomach activates the digestive sytem and natural trigger the need to go. Take the dog out after every meal and rewarding it only further strengths it. Getting Deffications on a schedule goes along way toward preventing accidents.

so there are a couple additional reasons feeding multiple meals is superior to feeding just one, and they are not dependant on whether to dogs stomach can or cannot handle a single feeding.
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