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Help Please

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Jessie is Sick. She is vomiting what looks and smells like bile....She has puked 2x already this morning. at 1:30 and 3:30 and its everywhere. She has had all her vaccinations and we have been keeping a close eye on her to make sure she hasn't gotten into anything.

***Please if anyone knows what it may be please let me know.***

I will be calling the Vet this morning when they open but if anyone is on this early I would appreciate some input. Thanks
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when was the last time she ate? It is not unusual for them to react to an empty stomach by vomitting yelow/green foamy bile only. A search on this site will show many that feed a couple of cookies or meals later at noght to avoid this, However the 1.30 and 3.OO am time would be early for this occuring unless the dog last meal was 8-12 hours before this time.
I feed her every morning around 8 am. I took her to the Vet and he said he thinks she ate something she wasnt supposed to. He gave her an injection to stop/prevent vomiting. So I have to keep a close eye on her(potty on leash) and such. she cant have anything to eat until this afternoon(very little) and then try food tomorrow as normal, as long as she doesn't vomit again.

She is doing better. She hasn't vomited since yesterday and is eating fine now. She is very energetic right now. I have made the decision to feed 2x a day now, but it will be difficult because of my insane schedule at Lowe's. I'll have to train my husband too...LOL:)

Oh well, as long as things are going good that's all that matters. If she is still doing good by September 4th and 5th we will be heading to Denver, PA for the trial. I hope to see your hounds there.:)
Mister Buster

So sorry to hear that Jessie is not feeling well. We had lots of episodes of vomiting with Lucy for various reasons. Most of the time, she ate something non-edible. She also liked to eat grass on a regular basis. I read lots of advice on here about feeding twice a day. We feed Lucy twice a day until she got older (5) and then she stopped eating her morning meal (we never knew why) but we'd still put food out for her incase she wanted it.

Hope Jessie gets over her bug! BTW, how's Buddy doing?
We decided on naming him Mister Buster instead. It suits him. We actually called him by every name we had on our list and he responded the most to Mister Buster. So I guess he decided that would be his name.:p

He is doing very well. He is going for the last of his vaccines next Thursday and the last time we went to the vet he weighed 18lbs. When we got him his weighed 11 lbs. So he is a growing boy. He is a very sweet puppy though. He loves taking naps in our laps.
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