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Help Please

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Jessie is Sick. She is vomiting what looks and smells like bile....She has puked 2x already this morning. at 1:30 and 3:30 and its everywhere. She has had all her vaccinations and we have been keeping a close eye on her to make sure she hasn't gotten into anything.

***Please if anyone knows what it may be please let me know.***

I will be calling the Vet this morning when they open but if anyone is on this early I would appreciate some input. Thanks
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I also think it is much more preferable and better for their health and tummies to be fed twice a day and don't walk Jessie for at least an hour after feeding and likewise don't feed her for at least an hour after walking.

How would you like all of your food at 8am every day? I don't think you would and neither does Jessie! Try dividing her food into two and feed her at 8am and again at teatime or whenever is convenient! Like Yogi's mum, ours are fed three times a day as they get a small snack at lunchtime too and they never get sick.
She is doing better. She hasn't vomited since yesterday and is eating fine now. She is very energetic right now. I have made the decision to feed 2x a day now, but it will be difficult because of my insane schedule at Lowe's. I'll have to train my husband too...LOL:)

Oh well, as long as things are going good that's all that matters. If she is still doing good by September 4th and 5th we will be heading to Denver, PA for the trial. I hope to see your hounds there.:)
If you are out at one of Jessie's meal times could you not get her one of those automatic feeding dishes that has a timer on and you set it for a certain time and the lid pops up and exposes the food (wet or dry).

Some time ago a friend had one of these for week-days while he was at work and he had a web cam set up in the kitchen and from our office, we all used to watch his dog mooching around the kitchen and after a few days he seemed to know roughly when the food lid was going to pop up and approaching 1pm he would be out of his basket closely watching the food dish!!!
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