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Help Please

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This is Jessica Tatsi's mom. Tatsi is now 9 1/2 months. When i came home today i took her on her on a walk and i noticed that her poop was mucusy almost like it had a gooey film over it. Now she hasnt eaten anything that she was not supposed to (that i know of) Does any one have a clue what this could be from?
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Our old dachschund Gretel's poop would look like what you're describing when her bowel was irritated: we would see this if she had eaten something strange or if she was stressed. If you see it again, I would call your vet and ask what he thinks-

It's good to hear from you and Tatsi again!
I've had the same experiences as Murraysmom. Probably just an upset tummy. If it doesn't get better in a couple of days, a vet visit is probably in order, but in the meantime feed her a bland diet. And any sign of blood in the stool is serious so take her to the vet immediately.
Maggie had something similar and it turned out her bowel was irritated due to a bug she had. I'm trying to remember the name now, possibly cocci? It's something that's common in young puppies who don't have an immune system yet that can fight it off.

If it continues you might want to take a sample to the vet.
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