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why not try a tomato juice bath like they do when animals get sprayed by skunks
Anyone that actual had a dog sprayed by a skunk knows tomato juice is vertually useless. The only think that has even a remote chance a reducing the odor is a strong detergent like dawn dishwashing liquid mixed 50/50 with a strong oxider that is dog safe. (bleach not being safe) like hydrogen peroxide.

Don't discount the posibility of lip fold pyderma and/or the odor eminating from the mouth.

Does the dog have dandruff? Sheborrhea is more common in the breed than generallym known. It can only be controlled not cured with antisheborreahic shampoos like selsun blue ( only the one the contain selinium oxide) left on for a minimium of 15 minutes an d bathed at least once a week. Some time a more powerful anti-seborrhic shampoo containing coal tar is need for control. The fortunate thing is most of the anti sheborrhic shampoos are helpful in controling yeast as well.
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