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Re: Mikey... Another good skunk "cure" is a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix to a runny paste, let it sit on the dog for a bit (10-15) minutes, rinse then bathe as normal.

@ Clinton... I buy an ear cleanser from the vet. Went to look up the name, but apparently I am out and need to get more. It does a good job. I squirt a bit in the ears (they don't like much 'cos it is cold) then use my finger with gauze to clean out the crud.

In general, I have been lucky. No stinky bassets. Only time is after they have been out in the rain and I get the "wet dog" smell, but it goes away once they are dry, or rolling in something yummy (to them!). Only time I had this issue was with Abby near the end, but she was one sick little girl.

If Dude's vet can rule out any medical issues, then I have no idea. You may want to try another vet as they are not all created equal. I feel I have great vets. They are not the cheapest in town but they are obviously in it more for the love of animals than profit. So often they will say "if its my dog I would.... They also will call to check the status if there as been some issue to see how the dog is doing.
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