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HELP! Male Basset with no interest to Female in heat

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I am new to this forum, but I have a question. We have a basset that is 2 years old, her name is Puddles. We are using a Male who is 5 years old to breed with. Rufus, the male is not interested in Puddles, he will sniff her for a second then turn or walk away, or she will wag her tail and wack him in the face. Either way he is not interested and just keeps walking away. Is it possible that he can't smell her, that his nose can't smell?? He is definitely not neutered, so I don't know what is going on. This is both Puddles and Rufus' first time, is it possible they don't know what to do, but shouldn't he show more interest??
Thanks in advance for advice

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Need homes, because their breeder either did not plan out how to place them, or did not screen homes carefully enough and sold them to inappropriate owners, or simply didn't support thier pups for life (are you willing to take responsibility and take back one of your pups if it needs a home, no matter how old it is (ie ten years from now?))
Something that particularly irks me are backyard breeders who brag about shipping puppies all over the US. When the buyer in California has a change of heart, guess who gets stuck? Not the BYB in Mississippi or Alabama, that's for damn sure. No, it's always rescue that cleans up the BYBs' mess. :mad:
The discussion of vets is a good one. Vets are in an excellent position to promote the advantages of spaying and neutering pets.

On the other hand, very few vets, unless they're breeders themselves, know enough about a breed to help a pet owner decide whether their pet meets the breed's conformation standard.

Additionally, with over 100 breeds recognized by AKC, very few vets know which specific genetic disorders each breed is at risk for, and they can't adequately counsel pet owners about genetic screens appropriate to the breed.

The breed's parent club is usually the best source of information about genetic screening for breeding stock. For Basset Hounds, that would be the Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA). BHCA's Health Policy lists the screens that bassets should have before breeding.
Very sorry to hear about your loss which, no doubt, explains your over-reaction. :( Best wishes in your future endeavors.
Originally posted by dean wickwire:
Some of these people need to remember that they started just like you.
Speak for yourself, Dean. ;)
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