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This is what I would do:

Open the door, attach the line, hold on to it just as you would her walking leash, and proceed confidently down the steps with her. Walk her out to do her business, praise, and then return to the house with her. Don't acknowledge her fear- just make it seem matter-of-fact.

After a day or two I would drop the line and wander around the yard while ignoring her.Again, the message to her is that this is normal: no big deal.After a time or two she should be relaxed with the situation and explore on her own.

This worked for us when our dachshund was scratched by a cat in our backyard a few months ago and refused to go outside- being with her in a relaxed way without acknowledging her fear gave her confidence and she soon stopped clinging to us and started exploring the yard on her own.

Hope this helps.
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