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HELP - cherry eyes

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Hi everyone, just want to have your opinion, My shaggy has developed cherry eye. Her third eyelid in her right eye is swollen. The swelling started last week and I only started giving him antibiotic eye ointment just yesterday hoping (and praying!) that the swelling will subside. I know that the best way to solution this problem is to have it removed thru surgery but I'm sooo afraid of its long term effect which is DRY EYES. she is only 5 months and I havent asked around here in the philippines if the "other" treatment is being practiced here yet -- not removing the gland but tucking it back. Im really desperate to know what I should do at the same time I 'm so so scared that this condition may worsen. I tried researching on the net and it scares me more knowing everything about this eye problem. Please help and pray for my shaggy.

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I'm so sorry for you!Lemme tell you,I'm praying
for you and your shaggy!I think the best thing for
you to do is to ask a veternarian.I know this
advice probably isn't very help ful,and you
probably already know this,but keep your
chin up,ask the vet,and hope for the best!!!!!
P.S.What is a Shaggy?
I hope Shaggy does good in the clinic.I think It'll be okay.My 15 :eek:year old Spike had the
same problem.The vets wanted to take his eye out,
but my Grandma kept all faith up,and his eye is
still in.We have to give hm medicine once a day,
but he's fine.But if the vets think taking the eye out is best for Shaggy,and if you really love
Shaggy,you'll let them do it.We almost lost Spike,He got off lucky.I think Spike might die soon.He's coughing all the time.I gotta go.Hope Shaggy does good!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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