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I took 6 months out of work to bring joey up. He doesn't like been left on his own at all! I leave him most days for an hour or two at the most and he is usually ok with it, he just goes to sleep after about 5 minutes of barking.
Myself and my partner had planned things thoroughly and that we could afford one of us to stay at home for 6 months with him.
There is a family near us who run a 'doggy day care'. They are fab. The dogs get treated really well with lots of attention and free run of the house and garden. Our joey is very social so we are going to give him a trial day there before I return to work soon.
I wouldn't of wanted him to be in a kennel all day as I know he would hate it so that's why I have chose the day care option.
This is my view and the way I have done things, other people will be able to also give you there views x

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