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hello πŸ‘‹ πŸ‘‹
Myself and my husband have just got a 6month old bassett Cross. Hes silly and very funny to watch, fab with our children and cats but he clearly has separation issues, if one of us leave the room he cries if he can't follow us. We tested him before his walk today, to see if he'd calm down when we left. We stood outside the front door, left the TV on put his blanket on the sofa with his toys and something to chew on and the noise was horrendous! I need to get him calm and sorted for when I start doing the school run again, its along way off and I'm giving myself plenty of time but I really don't want to annoy the neighbours, weve told them and apologised in advance, they said its fine but I spose there's only so much barking a person can take! If he doesnt calm down and the neighbours complain to our landlord he'll have to be moved again, which we obviously don't want!!
Any tips would he amazing please
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