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Hello, new member here...well, sort of.

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Hi everyone!

It's been a couple years since I've posted. My name is Coreena and have two wonderful Basset hound furbabies. We've had Dexter for 5 yrs now. Got him when he was just 4mths old. We adopted Lola just last week. She is the same age as Dexter and a perfect addition to our family!!!!

We had thought many times about adding another basset to the family but weren't sure it would be a suitable idea. Well, Miss Lola has proved that 2 are better than one!

When we brought her home last week, Dexter got all excited, they exchanged a million sniffs, and then they just went about their business. Lola, seems to fill in all the gaps that Dexter doesn't do. She's a howler, and we soooo love those Aroos. Dexter isn't a cuddler, but Lola, well, she's nothin but a cuddlebutton. Right up on the couch snuggled onto our laps, and yes.......she's now sleeping in our bed. Yesterday morning, she whined a bit, so my hubby got out of bed to let her out, Lola, jumped right into his spot and went back to sleep on his warm pillow. :p Smart girl. This morning she was actually snuggled under the blankets. Lola isn't as playful with toys as Dexter, so she'll just lay down and watch Dexter do the 500!

Really, it's like having just one perfect hound. Except for the 2 mouths to feed, and x's 2 barking for attention.

Nice to see some names I recogonize from the past. Hello Steinar!!! :) I'm sure I'll have plenty to posts with the antics of my two clowns.


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Great looking hounds!

It's great that you have two hounds that are very different from each other. Both are nice looking hounds.
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