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Our 6 year old brain damaged grandson Raffi is here from New Jersey visiting. Murray loves him- follows him around, sits next to him, kisses him- and Raffi loves Murray. In fact, he can say two words: "Dad" and "Murr", for Murray!

Now, with something called "Able Net", he can say more! Able Net is a 6 inch large red plastic button which allows phrases to be recorded. It allows Raffi to communicate by pushing the button- the recorded phrase plays, and Raffi, who can't form words, can communicate on a basic level.

We recorded "Hello Murray", and for the past 2 days Raffi has been in heaven pushing that button- Murray wags his tail and kisses him, and we have been hearing alot of "Hello Murray-Hello Murray- Hello Murray" ---
Too bad we don't live closer so that they can be together more-
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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