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Hi Everyone! I'm brand new to this site and recently got my very first basset puppy. I got Brutus when he was 8 weeks old, and have never loved anyone or anything more in my entire life :D <3

He's almost 4 months old now, and for the past week his back is really itchy in the morning when we first wake up. Brutus is by no means a morning pup lol, and it takes my sleepy lil boy about 30 minutes to fully wake up. The itching started the morning after the 1st day of summer that was over 90 degrees.

It's like he doesn't even try to scratch it himself, though. He just comes and lays on either mine or my husband's feet and sighs and mumbles/grumbles until you scratch his back. He looks at you with some serious grumpy face if you stop before his leg stops thumping. When he's had his fill of scratches, he gets up and goes about his day.

Vet says he's perfect, and his coat is beautiful. There aren't any red spots or pink areas or even any bumps. I'm not so much scared there's something wrong, just more asking if there might be something I can do to make him a bit more comfortable. I really don't mind our current routine of snuggles and scratches every morning, though :D

Here's some pictures of my baby
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