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Hello from the road.......

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Hi all.....just a couple of notes from the road (or waterways as they say). Firstly, I have to admit that at the very last minute I decided to leave Huck at home. It was a very difficult decision but there were several reasons for it. I haven't talked about it but I haven't really been up to par for the past few months and I really needed to get some rest (doctors orders). I just didn't (don't) have the energy to take the dogs ashore 4 times a day in all kinds of weather and sea conditions, along with all of the other demands necessary on a cruise such as this. It was also apparent after a couple of days on the boat (locally) that Gracie was very lost without Huck. The housesitter said she wandered the house and yard looking for him, didn't eat well, and was not her norma exuberant self. So it just seemed right in one sense that I leave Huck with her. I miss him terribly and also feel that you all will think I'm a horrible mommy for leaving him. Please know that I would only have left him because I felt comfortable with the sitter and that he and Gracie would be together. My sister is checking in weekly also to make sure all is well plus clipping nails and cleaning ears.

So, we're on our way. We're in middle British Columbia and on our way further north. Moderators - is it okay if I post pictures of the trip, even tho they won't have a basset in them? Hope everyone is well and I'll be checking in weekly (or more if available). BTW, my new email is [email protected] if anyone wants to emai. Sandy, had to change the email cuz' the old one wasn't working. Take care everyone!

Huck-less Lynne
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The puppies are safe and sound and well taken care of, that's what's important. Have a wonderful trip!
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