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"Mommy tells me that I'm going to be off-line for a while because they are soooo busy getting ready for the move into my new dog house. There's way too many boxes and junk all over the apartment that there's just a path from my bed to my bowls and back again. Mommy said she's too old to be moving this often and that this is the move from hell, whatever that mean.

My servants are going to be taking me to see the new dog house some time this weekend! I can't wait to walk on that new flooring and fling slobber high on the newly painted walls.

But then on Monday they're going to take me to the dreaded kennel for two days....Boo Hoo! I know something is up because mommy is putting my food in little bags and she's very stressed out and can't sleep. At least I'm getting my 22 hours of day of sleep.

So now you know why you won't hear from me for a while.


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We'll miss you Ruby Doo! Take care til we hear from you again!

Barb & Daisy Jayne :D
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