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Hello Everyone

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Hello everyone!

I was very surprised and delighted to find a forum dedicated to Bassets :)

I have become a temporary mum to a Basset pup, he belongs to my father who lives overseas and is staying with us until he is ready to travel.

Never had a Basset before (or even met one since I was a kid) and he is an utter charmer, he's been with us for a month and has completely stolen everyone's hearts (except our resident dogs who are none too impressed!) :rolleyes:

Hopefully you guys can answer some of our Basset related questions :)
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Welcome- in answer to your question under the "Basset Hound Smell" post:

Yes, their ears need to be cleaned often. I clean Murray's every week. I use a product called DermaPet which I get from our vet- there are other things you can use. You squirt a small amount of solution into the ear canal, massage the ear canal (which is very deep in this breed), then gently insert a cotton ball or piece of gauze and wipe until all the **** is out.

It's pretty important to maintain their ears in this way, they are prone to yeast infections and can develop bacterial infections if this is not done. If your're not sure how to do this, your vet can show you-

We would love to see pictures of your foster pup! :)
Thankyou! I am getting mixed messages about the ear cleaning - but given whas going on in Jackson's ears - I think weekly cleaning is definitely the way to go!

Jackson actually has his own blog with LOTS of pictures - I hope its ok to post here? (if not please can the mods delete!)

Jackson's Blog
Oh my gosh I LOOOOVE the blog!

It is tooo cute!

I'm having fun reading it. :)

Here's some of the cute pics from the blog:

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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:lol: :lol: :lol:
My "gang of hounds" + one "wrinkly dwarf" - as you can see, we have our hands full :lol: :lol:
Jackson is adorable. Boy, that little guy has lots of BIG dogs to look up to. You must have a lively household with all those fur kids. Our daughter has a rescued Greyhound, who is a wonderful dog.
On ear cleaning, we do Bogie's ears twice a week using VET Ear Cleansing Solution that we get from the vet. We use a marked eye dropper and drop about a quarter of the eye dropper full of solution in each ear. Hold ears straight up and massage. You can hear it squishing, and then we take a round cotton facial wipe and wipe out the ear canal as far as my wrapped finger can reach. Cotton balls tended to leave behind fuzz and the facial wipes we use do not. Bogie had some of the brownish gunk in his ears when we first got him as a 10 month old. Now they are clean, and the vet was impessed on our last check up.
After doing this for a couple of weeks, and if the brown gunk remains or if Jackson is scratching at his ears I would have a vet check them. It could be a yeast or bacterial infection that would require additional treatment.
Good luck with Jackson. Do tell us about your dog family. I'll have to check out the blog.
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The second picture that Starr n Tootie posted is too precious!!! I can see that Jackson has all kinds of playmates, fun for him! You're very lucky to have him, even if its temporary. I love your Greyhounds. I would love to rescue one, but I think one Bassett, two children, two cats and a hamster are about all my husband will allow in the house for now.
I just clean George's ears with a wet washcloth once a week or so, whenever he asks -- he lets me know when it needs done by following me into the bathroom and staring at his washcloth very pointedly -- and the vet said "whatever you're doing, keep it up" so that's what we have continued with. Some bassets probably have more trouble with ears than others.
I keep going back to read more and more of Jackson's blog.

I just love it! I'm hooked! :lol:

Is his new dad going to take over the blog when Jackson goes to live with him?
I sure hope so! :huh:
He says so - but I'm not sure how often...

I will nag of course :)
He's gorgeous! As is the rest of your pack! Aren't you tempted to keep him and claim he was lost in the post when your dad asks? Or get a basset you can keep forever?
He's gorgeous! As is the rest of your pack! Aren't you tempted to keep him and claim he was lost in the post when your dad asks? Or get a basset you can keep forever?
Funny you should mention it :lol:

But no - my dad DOES visit from time to time and I think he would notice a low-slung dog amoungst our leggy pack :lol:

And no - NO MORE DOGS (for now). We never really planned to have more than 2 - still not sure what happened :unsure: . Having home wrecking woflhound is enough to cope with for now... but maybe in the future, having had Jackson here for a while I am utterly smitten :wub: I wonder if all Bassets are as good as him as pups?
But no - my dad DOES visit from time to time and I think he would notice a low-slung dog amoungst our leggy pack :lol:

Put him on stilts? :D
OMG that blog is great, I showed it to my bf and he loved it. A midget among giants!! And boy o boy is jackson a cutie...Same coloring as our Bruno!!!!
I read the whole November portion of yer blog, it's brilliant!

The rest of your pack seem remarkably tolerant of his antics. :)

No matter how many other really cool dogs you have, isn't your heart going to break just a little to let the LFBP go? :(
Oh my god! Is this a real pic?
This has to be one of the funniest pics I've ever seen!

From today's blog:

Poor Jackson! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Poor Jackson??? He TERRORISES the wolfie! Absolutely no fear whatsoever.... if you have the time and the inclination download this movie....
it is completely hysterical, and you can see how Jackson copes with KuBrin.

(Megan has just stolen Jackson's bowl again....)

(and yes it's a real pic - cracks me up everytime I look at it - looks a bit wierd cos the light was low and a flashgun was involved)
Have laughed my way through that entire blog :D :D It's Brilliant!!!!!
The "gang of hounds plus one wrinkly dwarf" picture looks like an illustration for a storybook! I am imagining all kinds of stories to go with it- what a great picture!! And what beautiful dogs you have!
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