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I agree that it is unthinkable how people can just feel that animals are "disposable". To me when I made that commitment to have them, it is like my children and I have an obligation to give them the best possible life I can.....some of these rescue stories just make me so angry.

But, thank God for people like you two for adopting these lovable guys (and Gals) and give them a good situations like these I feel the blessings go both ways...
I couldn't agree more. I some times get grief and stunned looks at how many animals I have (5 cats and 3 dogs). To those people I always say, "If people loved and cared for their animals the way they were suppose to then I wouldn't have that many animals." All but one of my critters is rescued (Rosco was bought from a breeder). I tell him he's so very lucky that he doesn't know what its like to not be loved.

I think what they don't tell you is that you're not rescuing the animal, they're rescuing you (You just don't know it until you bring them home).
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