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Hello,can we introduce ourselves?

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I am Sue and i live in the UK.
We have recently bought a gorgeous Basset- Alfie! :wub: :wub:
I am looking forward to getting to know some of you and maybe swapping a few Basset tales/tips.
Sue & Alfie x
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Hi and welcome Sue and Alfie.

We look forward to getting to know you better,and maby see some pictures of your precious pup?
What a splendid idea!
I'm a rather handsome guy living in Norway,
I work as a busdriver, here you can enjoy me in uniform:

This is my female, with the last litter:
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What's it all about?.....Alfie?????? Welcome aboard the land of bassets!

Steinar, you're looking so handsome these days....especially your complexion! :p

Here's Ruby and me from mothers day 2006:

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Here is my *baby* Alfie!
He is 12 weeks old and he's a tri colour.
He is registered with the Uk KC.
We will be having him neutured at 6/8 months as we don't want to breed him.

Here is just 10 minutes ago~~yawning! (he lives such a hard life :D )

Wow Emma and Doris you certainly are handsome! ;)
& i have GOT to get me one of thoses puppies! :D
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He is adorable and welcome to both of you.
A warm welcome 'Alfiesmum'. You came to the right place for tips on how to 'COPE' with a basset. :D He is lovely and looks as if he has personality already. Look forward to hearing of his escapades.

Awww lovely pic of Rubydew and her Mum. :) :)

Hey Steinar....... looking good as usual. :D
Welcome, Alfie is adorable with all those cute freckles.
Hey, Steinar, your job seems to be making you a little cranky.
Hi Alfismum

he is so cute. he's a spitting image of my Snoopy!

i just wondered where you go him from as there arnt many breeders in the UK? Snoopy was from the Barrengers in Somerset.


Welcome Sue and Alfie!!!

As you can see, we are a diverse group of people who have come together because of our love of bassets!
We have a lot of fun on here.

You'll have to forgive Steinar, he's quit his medication again.... :blink:

Hello everyone thought I would introduce myself and my 5 year old basset,my name is Connie and the queen of the house is Gidget. I love reading all the stories and look forward the Holiday card exchange
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