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Generally, two female dogs don't get along,
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I would not go that far especial if they are spade. That said their can be an occasional female that is intollerant of other females but is fine with males, so in general that is why the recommendation for opposite sexes is made. The same is true for males as well especial if on is not nueter. That said there are many same sex pair when it comes to dogs that get along fine. And of course there is the rare dog that is intollerant of the oposite sex but gets along fine with the same sex. You should arrange a meet between the tw dogs on a nuetral site just to be sure they are compatable.

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The most important thing is to consider you current dogs personallity. For instance some older dogs become more youthful and playful with a rabunctious younster, other just grouchier, and more protective of their space. You are in the best posittion not some one else to evaluate your dog in this regard because you know them best. But a meeting is a great way to remove some doubts, but keep in mind that in a nuetral site both dogs tend to be on their best behavior [atual inhibited is a better term, not showing their full range}, which is not always the case when in a familar place.

If you are considering a puppy temperment testing is a giant crap shoot. The only proven trait to stay on a\on a fairly consistent basis with a puppy onto adulthood is shyness. The reasoning why this occurs is because shyness tend to be a self rewarding personality trait, where as most of the other traits are affect by outside infuences and socializations. With an adult dog the personality is much more consistent and much more difficult to fundementally change, however certain aspects certainly can be modified.
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