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Hi Everyone!! My name is Marci and my family and I own a 1 year old male Bassett named Flash :D
Flash has been quite a rascal and has always been on our furniture (beds, lazboys, couches). We woke up yesterday 7/4/06 and he SEEMS like he cannot get up anymore! When we try to help him, he yelps out in pain :oops: Maybe problems with his back?!?!

He's walking fine, going the bathroom, eating everything is normal- but he cannot get up on our bed anymore- he just sits on the side and whines. We know that their little legs and big bones are not supposed to be stressed as much as our little guy has stressed them, but I'm looking for any kind of feed back! Reading anything on the internet makes me soo scared that he's going to be paralyzed. You seem like a "family" community and I hope you can shed some light on my situation!
Look forward to hearing from anyone

Hello All!! I am new to Basset Talk :O)

Welcome Marcie and Flash. Poor thing. If it keeps up, I think a trip to vet. (Just to be sure.) Pics. We want pics <G> . Tummy Boy's Mom.
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