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Welcome! Henry is a real cutie. How did you come to find him? Were you looking for a Basset? I'm just curious because my Moe was a pound puppy, too (estimated to be seven to nine months old). I wasn't even looking for a Basset when I found him. I was only there that day to update my daughter's application for a dachshund. Poor little Moe had been found tied to the shelter gate one hot July morning. :( He smelled bad, he was sick and too skinny, he had a deformed front leg, he was not housebroken, he had a chewing problem (which we found out later was actually a serious biting problem) and he had not even a tiny bit of training. All he had going for him was a pretty face that stole my heart. :D

He's now seven and a half years old, is spoiled rotten, and is pampered and loved by the whole family. Every day he makes me laugh. He's my joy. :D

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