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OK so Ms. Annie started spotting bright red blood yesterday.......and I know I sound ignorant but I have never had a girl dog before. She is ?8-10 yrs old according to the vet. I was going to have her spayed and breast masses removed earlier in the summer but my Mom went in the hospital and the surgery got cancelled. Interestingly enough I think she may have been having a false pregnancy around May-June because soon after into July and August her bewbies shrank down dramatically and the masses disappeared. She seems to be acting OK, eating OK, just licking back there and the spots she is leaving around. I haven't checked her temperature. Do you think it is "just" heat or I should I worry about pyometra? She was adopted from a shelter a few hours away and appears to have had many litters......
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Both.At the age she is Pyometra should be a real concern which usually occurs two weeks or so after the heat cycle is over.She definately could be in heat,keep a watch on her.I would try to get her spayed ASAP.
bubbad would you do it if they were in full blown heat? I have had them spayed when they were just coming in like when you first see them starting to swell. I would be a little scared to do it after they have started to bleed.

My Turtle was thought to have been spayed when I first got her, she started to come in and I made the app. that day she was at the vet the next.

Now here's a question for those who have had many dogs. Has any one had a dog that has been spayed but they left maybe a small piece of ovary in and they still come in heat. This is what the vet says has happened to my Maddie which is why I think she had the infection in her teats and now she is acting like she is in heat but not bleeding. I know she is spayed because my husband and I did it 9 years ago when we fostered her. Sorry to high jack this thread.
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As long as she is eating/drinking normally and not appearing ill I wouldn't worry too much. Precautions apply, of course, and remember that even in a fenced yard she is not safe while in heat so she must be supervised at all times when outdoors. Don't want an "oopsie" at her age.
I personally would not spay until her heat is well over, especially an older female whose uterus is already enlarged.
I admit I have been dragging my feet on her spay a bit. When we did the preop visit for the spay/breast lumps (which are now undetectable) in June I asked for a chest xray to be done as I had read mammary cancer can spread to the lungs. She did have a solitary lung nodule which was fairly sizeable in her one lung. The vet wasn't sure if it could indicate a cancer or not. So even if the breast masses left (thankfully) that still remains in my mind. I also had paid attention to some posts on here about spaying older gals, pros/cons. I always worry about the risks of surgery, also reading that spaying around a heat cycle could cause more bleeding. Will keep an eye on her, and read about pyometra again so I can lookout for symptoms. Thanks for your input. :)
Having litters seems to be protective against pyometra, you're more likely to see it in a bitch that has never been bred.
What Soundtrck says is correct .I would not spay while in heat she would lose much more blood than normal and most vets just won't do it because it is a bigger deal.When it is over then make the appointment.I have known cats to come back into heat if somehow a small portion of uterus is left inside so it could do the same thing to a dog but she would not come into a full blown heat and she could not conceive.
Thanks, it is driving us crazy. I wish she would be done with it.
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