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Well I got the worst news I've heard in a long while yesterday. Our basset was HW+ when we adopted her and went through the full treatment with Immiticide shortly after. Last week we did a follow up heartworm test and it came back positive. The vet thinks it may have been too soon since it's only been around 4 months since the last Immiticide shot instead of 6 months. So we are waiting 3 more months and doing another test to see if treatment is necessary again. We'd been giving her the preventative like we were supposed to.

My concern is that she has already gone through the treatment at least once and she is getting old. I have to wonder if the Immiticide treatment is the best option for her at this point if we do have to repeat treatment. I can't imagine the remaining infection is that bad since she isn't coughing or anything.

Does anyone have any experience with heartworm disease in senior dogs esp. bassets? Has anyone done the alternative treatments before?
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