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Health Insurance

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I was looking into getting the pet insurance for our pup Rosie. I was wondering if anyone has this, and would reccomend a paticular one over another? We have not had Rosie spayed yet, so I would like to choose one that would cover the cost of this as well. Any suggestions or advice would be great.
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We didn't get this on Bogie, and boy do we wish we had. He has had two different surgeries to remove lodged rocks from his intestines; vet visit for swallowed rock that he thankfully passed on his own; vet visits for pano two different times; vet bills on a vacation in Montana when he picked up a awful stomach bug with terrible diarrhea; surgery to repair a torn ACL on his left rear leg; vet bills from an attack by two pit bulls that required emergency vet care and sutures of 25 bite wounds and broken right rear fibula, plus continued visits and care as he healed. It's to late for insurance on him with all his prior history, he's to big a risk we've been told. All this in the first two years after we got him as a 10 month old. So if you are thinking on insurance do it while they are healthy. Needless to say we have many $$$$ in vet bills.
We are in the Uk and here there are not any policies that cover spaying unless it was done for a medical reason like Pyometra.
My hounds are all insured and it does give peace of mind.
I got my guy at 18months. Up until he was 7 I never needed it. Discovered 6months ago that he has arthritis of the knee joints in both back legs. Vet reckons this is common jn Bassets because of their shape. He is now on Metacam( expensive) and seraquin(also expensive). Add to that the blood tests he gets to insure that the Metacam isn't affecting his liver and all in all if I hadn't been insured I would be hard pushed to pay. The vet reckons he may be on this for life. He also mentioned the possibility of acupuncture. So glad I have the insurance, as I wouldn't like to see him go without the proper treatment.
What are some reputable companies to deal with?

With Rufus eating a rock and having to get surgery, which I'm sure will be lots of $$$$, I may need to look into it.
What are some reputable companies to deal with?

We have VPI. I'm satisfied with them, even tho their payments are generally less than our vet charges. Everything in our area is overpriced, tho, including vet bills. They are fast payers, and are a real god-send if you have the big, expensive procedures, like surgery, Ultrasounds, and some medication. I've never had to argue with them about payments. The only thing--they don't cover teeth cleaning.
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